Saturday, July 12, 2008

Rip Bobby Murcer

One of the classiest men to ever put on a Yankee Uniform. If you go from a period of 1925 to 1977 these were the men to patrol centerfield for the Yanks (mostly)

Earle Combs
Joe DiMaggio
Mickey Mantle
Bobby Murcer

I was heartbroken when he was traded for Bobby Bonds. Lifted the item below from the obit on MLB.

Murcer was the only Yankee to play with both Mickey Mantle and Don Mattingly, and was arguably the franchise's most popular player of the era immediately following Mantle's retirement after the 1968 season.


Adam said...

That Bobby for Bobby trade turned out to be one of the stupidest Yankee moves ever. Mercer was one of the good guys.

Jimmy said...

Actually it was a great trade as they got rid of Bonds a year later and brought in Mickey Rivers and Ed Figueroa, cornerstones of the 77 78 Championship teams...