Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday Beer Review (Bonus!)

I had some time (and beer) so here goes.

My boys at Mo's had pointed out a new brew from a local brewer and had mentioned that the Vete Ol (Wheat Ale) was the better of the two offerings from Carlson Brewing. The boy's were right this is very good. I think you can only get this locally at Mo's. I actually contacted the brewmaster to let him know I liked his beer. He told me he was working on a Scotch Ale for Christmas.

Innis & Gunn Oak Aged Beer - This is a Scotch import as the title says aged in Oak barrels. Has a very Scotchy taste (as in the whiskey). I like it!

Pause...almost running out of beer for the day, have to go to Stop & Shop!


Whales Tale Pale Ale - Cisco Brewers Nantucket Light nice Summer Ale.

Blithering Idiot - From Weyerbacher Barleywine style Ale. Have to love the name. This is going to make tonight's walk to the Star interesting.

Blogging will be light due to vacation for about the next week and a half. Upon return expect copious photoblogging!


JB said...

I like the Whale's Tail Pale Ale also, despite the tongue-twister of a name.

Adam said...

Cisco grows their own hops.They also distill "Notch".They can't call it Scotch, since it's not distilled in Scotland.I've not yet tried that, but I've had their vodka (Triple 8)as I recall, it was quite good.