Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Something we are going to have to get behind

Get drunk and vote for McCain via NRO. I think Obama over the last week has made himself look like the idiot he is (oh no, Google may shut me down now talking bad about "He who must not be criticized"). Problem is McCain who is an absolute War hero..... for whatever reason won't come out and say, "This guy is a lightweight and a danger, who has never had a real job and is singularly the most unqualified man to run for President. The only reason he is in this position is because if he farts on air, Keith Olbermann, Katie Couric & Chris Matthews will have to change their panties".

Guess I'm not going to be getting any speech writing gigs soon.

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Adam said...

Is this old man trying to lose?! You can write for my campaign Jimmy. You're spot-on with your observation. "He who must not be criticized" is right. Jesse became a liability, so he was set up and neutralized.Anyone else who would dare to speak out against this asshole would be labeled as racist.Jackson, as a "respected" leader of the black community would be immune to such an attack, so he was discredited otherwise.When will America wake up and see this cracker Obama as the fraud that he really is?... Did I call him a cracker?... I meant 1/2 cracker.* (*=comment inspired by mc) Makes me think; if he's 1/2 white, one need only be 1/2 racist to criticize Barack Hussein O.