Friday, September 2, 2011

Weekend Beer Review

I was going to do something snarky relative to the upcoming Labor Day nonsense but this is dedicated to MC's brother and my downstairs neighbor Joan.

1) Weyerbacher Quad - 11.8% - Enough to start off with. Very nice take on the style. A little too sweet, but dangerously drinkable. There will be a big time quad review coming up shortly!

2) Firestone Walker Double Barrel Ale - 5.0% one of the better breweries in America (IMOHO). This is an English Pale ale so it is a little more maltier than its American cousin. This beer rocks!

3) Thomas Hooker - Blonde Ale - 5.1% - Nice tasty cream ale. Bottle date is 5.17.11. Would like to have this a bit fresher. Nice to know this is a year round offering.

4) Hair of the Dog - Doggie Claws - Barlwywine Style Ale - 11.0% - 2009 vintage - Says on the label that this is brewed with wild flower honey collected from Mount Hood. BA calls this an American Barley Wine. Maybe because this bottle has aged I am only getting a faint note of hops, but I am getting a lot of fruity maltiness. Too me peach flavor seems to really abound. This is a great beer and should take about half an hour to drink!

5) Alaskan Barleywine Ale - 10.4% - Let the insanity continue. This is very tasty. Any hops are long gone. Nice sweet maltiness will take me through to tomorrow!

6) Shipyard - Smashed Blueberry - 9.0% - A nice kind of dry porter jacked up with blueberries, kind of nice!

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