Friday, September 23, 2011

The insanity continues

1) Harpoon - Leviathan Imperial Rye - 8.9% - Has to be an old bottle as there are no (or mild) hops present. Nice kind of barleywine though after last night's excursion. This is not a healthy hobby!

Here is a new twist!

2) City Steam - Brussels (I think) 9% (I think) Blew off the city today and picked up a couple of growlers. The City Steam one I think is a Belgian Strong Ale. They do have something with the word Brussels in it that is a refernce to a Belgian IPA. This is an unknown beer review!

3) Hair of the Dog - Cherry Adam from the Wood - 10% - Haven't had a Hair of the Dog in a while. This is the regular Adam brewed with cherries and aged in bourbon barrels. This is insane. I need to get more to age. Outstanding!

4) Jonas Broncks - Pelham Bay IPA - Brewed by someone, have heard several different stories about where this is brewed (it is not yet brewed in the Bronx.) They do though han=ve avery nice facebook campaign. That said this is a very tast IPA. I think it is at about 6.5%

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