Monday, September 19, 2011

NYC Beer Week Beer review!

All beer, all week, not sure though if any of these brews have anything to do with NYC.

1) Three Floyds - Zombie Dust - 6.2% - American Pale Ale - Gotta like that Citra Hop. This has a dominant sweet orange nose and outstanding taste. The Floyds just basically sold out of this, this is meant to be savored (quickly) so the hop profile doesn't loose steam.

2) Mad River Brewing Company - Serious Madness - American Black Ale - 8.2% - Nice Jet Black, would have expected a little more hops if this was an American Black Ale but it is a very nice porter!

Headed up to the Cigar City Event at DeCicco's Brewster today. CC had brewed an IPA in honor of NYC Craft Beer week called the Big Apple IPA - It was basically Jai Alai with same apple pie type spices. Jai Alai is a very good IPA. I went for this version:

3) Cigar City - Jai Alai - IPA Peach - 7.5% - I have had a peach infused IPA on another occasion and wanted to try another one. I figured the peach and the citrus would be nicely complimentary which they are. Great beer....DeCicco's Brewster has weekly brewers events....uh oh!

4) Maine Beer Company - Lunch IPA - 7,0% American IPA - This has been all the rage on beer advocate so when I saw DeCicco's had some I took a little lunch time (pun intended trip). Nice beer but not worth the hype. A little too bitter. Make mine a Ghandi Bot (yes I know not an amercan IPA)

Need a couple of markers till 900 which should occur tomorrow. Thank god for the Saranac fall pack.

5) Saranac - Black Forest - 5.5% Schwarzbier - Bavarian Black Beer - the BA guys like it. Not really my style but can easily put away a few!

6) Saranac- Caramel Porter - 5.4% - Kind of like a Southern Tier Creme Brulee light. This is sweet, kind of liake a cream soda. Would be better if it was 98% and humid with this one!

7) Saranac - Octoberfest - 5.4% Very nice drinkable beer and thats about it. This gets me to 899 and 900 tomorrow. Friday does not look well!

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