Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Weekend Beer Review!

For the week that is!

1)Blue Point Brewing - Double Blonde - 7.4% - Wow this can be a habit. Nice find at Decicco's Brewster!

By the way renaming as I'm too lazy to repost!

2) Troegs - Perpetual IPA - American IPA - 7.5% - Might be a little high test for an Aemrican IPA. The nose is skunky, but this is a very nice hop bomb!

3) New England Brewing - Galaxy Pale Ale - Brewed in honor of the first (and hopefully annual) New Haven Craft Beer week. Poured into a pint glass. Nice cloudy yellow (not sure if this is unfiltered or not). Minimal head and there is some minor lacing. Starts off sweet, get some grapefruit notes up front and the finish is to me lemon zest. I like the bitterness. At 4.8% you can drink this all day. It's nice to have a beer that is this sessionable but still packs a nice taste. Hopefully they save some for a cask for part of the New Haven Craft Beer Week festivities.

4) Victory - Helios - 7.5% - A nice Saison! Not that much on the funk but there is a beaustiful banana, yeasty taste. I had avoided this for a bit because it took a while for me to warm to the style. I am sure I'll have this again.

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Adam said...

If you want to be drunk all day, you've got to start early.