Saturday, March 27, 2010

Weekend Beer review!

Well I did go to Zum's yesterday. Had a good strong beer called Schneider Aventinus. Pretty sure you can buy this locally. What did me in was a Six Point Gorilla Warfare Coffee Porter at the East Village Tavern. That said....

1) Brew Dog - Paradox Glen Grant - 10% - Imperial Stout Aged in a former Glen Grant Cask. Would have expected this to be much stronger based on the ABV as well as being aged in Scotch Casks. Nice but maybe since the best by date (12/12/09) had gone by, this wasn't at its peak.

By the way got to 99 Bottles in East Norwalk. This is well worth a visit and the owners says he wants to cater to the craft brew crowd, so he should be supported!

In other news I think the Gator is making a run to Table & Vine today. Will be interested in a report.

2) Gubna IPA Oskar Blues 10% - Probabaly one of the better DIPA's I've had. Long live the can!

3) Rogue - Imperial Red - 7.oz Pony Bottles of craft beer! - I like this nice hoppiness. Supposedly 9%. Way too drinkable. The knockout punch next!

4) Stone Brewing - Double Bastard - 10.5% - Have had this before but have never reviewed. This is a great beer (all malt). I like Stone in general and I like the diatribes they go on on their bottles. "Ye shall know the bastard and the bastard shall set you free." Good night!

5) Goose Island - Demolition 7.2% - Belgian Pale Ale. Nice light golden color. I like the mix of the banana tasting yeast with a strong hop presence. I think this is probably one of the better breweries in the country. Ommegang just came out with a BPA of its own, Can't wait to try.

6) Smuttynose Barleywine Style Ale - 7.0 % - Nice hazy brown. Very Rich caramel flavor nicely balanced by a sharp hoppy bite. Very good!

7) The Bruery Rugbrod - dark Rye ale. Just got this in!

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Adam said...

The Aventinus is great. I like the Aventinus Eisbock is even better!