Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekend Beer Review Continues!

Figured I'd start a new thread after that upper Westchester sojurn of the other day.

1) The Lost Abbey - Lost and Found Ale - Brewed with Raisins 8% ABV - Nice Dubbel offering, good not great. I liked their Gift of the Magi better. Do have to say though that the 8% is pretty well masked. This is the last of the Table & Vine haul. I think another trip will be coming up in the not so distant future.

2) Captain Lawrence - Birra DeCicco's - ABV??? - Dubbel. I love DeCicco's great place to go for beer you can't get in CT. as well as growler fills. Captain Lawrence has one of my favorite DIPA's. That nothing special.

3) Otter Creek Imperial IPA - 11% obviously a big beer. The march to 400 moves dangerously on!

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