Saturday, January 30, 2010

Weekend Beer Review

Picked up some nice gems at Decicco's this weekend. That place is a must stop. Also attended my first brewery only release this weekend, more on that later.

1) Brooklyn Brewery - Cookie Jar Porter - 9.2% - Supposed to remind you of an oatmeal cookie....just reminds me of very good beer. Can really taste the raisins in this. Just recently release and about as fresh as it comes. Well worth the 1 hr ride (Growler).

2) Captain Lawrence Brewing - Golden Delicious - No ABV - This is a collaborative review with guest reviewers Gator & MC - Done in semi real time! MC will be posting some photos later. Here we go....this is an American Tripel aged in Apple Brandy barrels. A bit much maybe more like a wine. May have to age for a while....Now to the Gator

From the Gator - the base of this beer is liquid gold(cpt's best beer) which has been completely overwhelmed by the apple brandy barrels . Way too apple-sweet .

MC says - It is smooth though I should mention that the flavor is distinctively different from the top to the bottom. Is this bottle conditioned? It must not be as they mention the brewing process thoroughly on the lable. It tasted quite different at the bottom of the bottle with much more cloudiness and richness. I was not a huge fan of the sweet added flavor and texture of the apple, which carried complex hints of fruity sweetness which reminded me of?...well, let me cut this short and merely state that it is a little sweet and complicated to have more than one. Tasty and done with clean professional precision, but not for more than one.

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