Saturday, January 9, 2010

#300 (and then some)...

Has been a real interesting beer week leading up to # 300. Bought & cellared 4 St. Bernardus Christmas Ales, cellared 2 Dogfish Olde School Barleywines & Burton Baton's. Going to pick up some Black Op's as well. Last night went to Williamsburg for dba's cask festival. Had a nice oak aged porter (forgot the brewer). Went over to Brooklyn Brewery, had a Blast & bought a Pint Glass. Finally had a Limb & Life at Mugs. Drove to Woodbridge and picked up a Growler of Sea Hag at New England Brewing....the brewer showed me the Oak Barrels where he is aging a special brewery availability offering of Imperial Stout Trooper.....that said:

# 300 Alesmith - Speedway Stout (brewed with Ryan Bros. Coffee Beans) 12% - Great dark head on this beer. Coffee flavor very pronounced a bit thinner than expected but still very good. Way to drinkable given the abv. Not a bad choice for 300 at all. Have a couple more to add to this post so check back.

Thanks to Adam for the comment as well as MC & Gator for their thoughts on beer. By the way the Sea Hag Growler....10 bucks 64 oz., which if I have my English standards measurement right is 4 pints. 2.50 for a pint of good beer.....Priceless!

Now on to 400!

1) Left Hand Brewing - Fade to Black - Foreign Export Stout 8.5% ABV - Getting a little confused by all these Stout styles, Imperial, Russian, Foreign Export...not sure of all the differences. That said very intense coffee flavor. Good one to start the day with!


Adam said...

Congrats Jim!
That's quite an accomplishment.
Keep it up!

alfred said...

Whatever, so some Irish guy can drink a lot of beer. That's about as astounding as a Jewish entertainer.
Anyway, I still salute you Jimmy, as I know that you and I are of similar political mindset.That being said, I offer this "incomplete, biased guide to this great piss-beer nation".
Carry on. I'm back to a snifter of Courvoisier.