Saturday, December 5, 2009

Weekend Beer Review!

Man this blog is getting repetitive.....

1) Laughing Dog Brewing - Alpha Dog - Imperial IPA - 8.7% - Going to see if I can get a little walk in after this but who knows. New brewery for me based Idaho. Very good beer hops have an overly pronounced citrus taste which is fine by me!

2) Left Hand Brewing - St. Vrain Tripel - 9% - Little to no carbonation which I think made this way to drinkable based on the ABV. I think I prefer the real thing though (that's it I am an official beer snob now)

3) Ommegang - Adoration - 10% - Belgian stong ale (and then some). Really enjoying this first beer of the day. (Hey it's afternoon). Love the spice, the banana taste. Question though is this an annual release or is it new? Would like Adam to chime in.


mc said...


I for one admire your tireless and selfless devotion to research!!!

Adam said...

available from mid-October through December, Ommegang Adoration is the first in a series of special beers to be released every two months through the end of 2010.--looking fwd to tasting this (and thoese other releases)