Saturday, December 12, 2009

Weekend Beer Review!

I think I am going to post about nothing but beer from now on (at least until something really pisses me off).

Don't have anything new to start off with (yet). Went to Captain Lawrence Brewing. Place was a nut house as they have just released this year's Nor'Easter Winter Warmer. I had already procured this delicacy at the Whole Foods in the City. That will be reviewed later as I have a strict several hours age limit for a growler to sit in the fridge. Do have some gems coming up though....check back....

1) 21'st Amendment - Monk's Blood - 8.3% - Belgian Strong Dark Ale in a can!Very good and very true to the real thing. They are coming up with a series called Insurrection which I am excited to try. I got this at the always great Decicco's and found out about this utilizing Beer Menu's

2) Captain Lawrence Brewing - Nor'Easter (winter warmer) - 11% - Another Belgian strong ale, much different than Monk's Blood. More sour while the Monk was sweet. Still very good. Would like to have this on tap.

3) Nectar Ales - Black Xantus 11.00 - Great Stout! Very nice Coffee/Vanilla flavor.

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alfred said...

"at least until something really pisses me off"??!!!
You're kidding, right?
I'm so freakin' pissed off at the world's events that I may never blog again!
the world's leaders(bunch of morons) are in Copenhagen to fight a problem that doesn't exist by placing more restrictions on our economy at the worst possible moment...and then there is health care.Where does it end?
Ooops, better not rant too long, lest the epa jail me for excessive exhalation the demon CO2.