Saturday, December 19, 2009

Weekend Beer Review!

Hopefully the storm of the century like Obama's Presidency remains a dud....

1) Laughing Dog Brewing - The Dog Father - Imperial Stout - The viscosity of engine oil on a cold winter night! More Coffee than Chocolate. Very good.

2) Goose Island - 2009 Christmas Ale - 5.7% American Brown Ale - Not my most favorite style but I liked this. A lot hoppier than I expected.

3) Sierra Nevada Brewing & Dog Fish Head - Life & Limb - American Strong Ale - 10.2% - First one of the day! Definitely get the Maple & Birch taste. While the Alcohol content is big it in not overly pronounced. Missed this at the Tiger when it was on Tap a few weeks back.


mc said...

Ha ha!

The "dog father"!

That's a funny one!

Have to try that.

Jimmy said...

Got it at Mo's in Fairfield so you can get it in CT.