Saturday, April 25, 2009

Weekend Beer Review!

Have decided to do this over two days. Doing it all on Sunday makes Monday kind of tough. Although I have to say that starting this early on a Saturday afternoon does not have a huge track record of success. Oh well.

1) Guinness - 250 Anniversary Stout - Was never much of a fan of Guinness pre or post beer enlightenment but I like this one. A little more carbonated and (at least I think) hoppier. Good beer but Americans make better stout. Can I say that in the age of Obama?

2) Stone - Levitation Ale - Good session beer. On the bottle it says this was a gold medal winner at the Great American Beer Festival. (Can we use Great and American together in the age of Obama and his ilk?) Similar to a Sierra Nevada ESB.

3) Sticking with the boys at Stone - Imperial Russian Stout - (I know I can say Imperial & Russian in the same sentence in the age of Obama!) - 10.5% ABV - Big Beer. This is a stout....nuff said!

Off topic rant. Cablevision just sent me a letter saying they were going to remove several of my channels unless I got one of their Cable Boxes. Among the channels were BET & MSNBC. Not a good marketing ploy.

4) Carlow Brewing - O'Hara's Irish Stout - Kind of like the Guinness 250. So when the Guinness 250 goes, who cares?

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Ida said...

"Among the channels were BET & MSNBC"
Jimmy, don't tell me you're one of those extreme right wing tea baggers.
C'mon, OUR president is circling the globe, as we speak, to apologize for our arrogant imperialistic sins!We are the Great Satan, and only by going green and disarming can wee redeem ourselves in the eyes of the global community.