Sunday, April 12, 2009

Good News

Apparently Obama grew a sack and authorized this rescue mission. Good for him and more importantly good for the US. 3 of these savages were killed and the 4th who was captured should be made an example of.


alfred said...

You give Barry far too much credit.He did more to prolong the siege than to end it.All he did was (reluctantly) release the team that had been long poised for strike.If he had done anything less, it would have bordered on treasonous.It's just like JFK with the Cuban Missile Crisis, all he really did was the least to be expected of him without fucking up.John Kennedy was waaaay overrated, this asshole is not even worthy of Jack's sloppy seconds.(get your minds out oft the gutter, I refer to his adulations-just the thought of barrack with Marilyn Monroe screams of Bestiality.

Ida said...

Did you see when the freed captain spoke upon arriving home?
I could hardly contain my laughter each time he said "seamen".