Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekend Beer Review 2

Otherwise known as the stupidity continues. Started booking this year's vacation in the Pac-Northwest this year. 8 days 3 ballparks, 1 brewery. Am hoping to run over Bigfoot along the way.

1) Hair of the Dog - Fred - Or maybe Adam's cousin. 10% ABV - Pair this with Adam and you would have one hell of a Black & Tan. This should be a Whiskey.

2) New England Brewery - Sea Hag IPA - Kind of like a Sierra Nevada Torpedo. Very drinkable IPA. The can says the Sea Hag continues to haunt New Haven. Funny, I thought she was Secretary of State.-

3) Uinta Brewing - Fifteenth Anniversary Barleywine - Too smooth. God love the Mormons. Is that politically correct? Probably not.

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