Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Beer Review

It's raining & it doesn't look like I will have a chance to walk today. What to do....start drinking! I know I have been on a unitary topic lately but it's better than pondering how inept Obama looks to the world since he won't blow a bunch of savages out of the water.

1)Two Brothers Brewing - Cane & Ebel - "A hopped up Red Rye Ale" - 7.0% ABV - Brewed with Rye & Thai Palm Sugar. Certainly not low carb. Very smooth, low carbonation. A fitting start to what promises to be an early afternoon retirement!

2) Blue Point Brewing Two offerings here - Summer Ale - Mild Golden Ale. I think this might have been left over from last summer as I am following up with their Spring Fling. They don't even have this listed as an offering on their website. This is very good & crisp. Had this on tap at the Broome Street Bar. Much better than the Summer Ale, although I am going to reserve some judgement on the Summer Ale until I get a fresher batch.

3)Harpoon - Leviathan Quad - Very good belgian style ale highly recommended. I think this is the best of their Leviathan Series. Too bad they are from Boston. I think I gave a bottle to MC hopefully he enjoys it!

4) Sierra Nevada - Torpedo Extra IPA - 7.2% Very good IPA. Good mid level beer, not as good as the Dogfish offerings but a good stay at home drinkable IPA.

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Thank you for the Horse Radish, God Bless you and your family, Happy Easter!!!