Sunday, February 1, 2009

Superbowl Beer Review!!!!!!!!!

The aim today is to get higher than George Obama!

A photo is going to accompany this one, while I was roaming around this Friday's Pub Crawl I stopped at Whole Foods on E. Houston and picked up - Hair of the Dog - Adam! What a great name for a beer and a fellow drunk. It says it's an old world ale. To me it's a stout and is very high in alcohol content (10%). It is bottle conditioned which I think might increase the ABV. This is a well named very good beer!

Note this will be updated in (semi) real time like 24!

By the way is the label "Irish Drunks" repetitive?

Stone Brewing Co - Cali Belgique - 6.9% ABV - This bills itself as a Belgian influenced California IPA. I think I get it!

Insanely Bad Elf - Imperial Red Ale - Ridgeway Brewing - 11.2% ABV - Boy this is a subtle bomb! Can't believe it has more ABV than Adam!