Sunday, February 15, 2009

President's Day Weekend Beer Review!

went to the Willimantic Brewing Company in the middle of this President's day weekend. Had a very good IPA on Cask and got a pint glass and a cool t-shirt.

1) Thomas Hooker - Imperial Porter - About 8% ABV. Very good and tasty. Can really detect the coffee flavor.

2) Goose Island Beer Co. - Matilda - Their Belgian offering. 7% Light and yeasty I like their stout better.

3) Hair of the Dog - Ruth - American Pale Ale. Light at 4.5% But still very good.

4) Paper City Brewery India'n Pale Ale - Go this at Ted's package store in Storrs, CY. Brewer from Holyoke...mild IPA, drinkable, won't put you in a coma!

5) Harpoon Leviathan - IPA 10% ABV Big beer very hoppy and tasty. What I like about this say maybe more than a Dogfishhead 120 is that you don't feel like you are drinking syrup!

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