Saturday, January 31, 2009

Friday Pub Crawl!

1) Puck Fair - I guess this is what a traditional Irish Pub is supposed to be like. Since it is still half freezing I decided on a good stout to start the evening. I had a Belhaven Scottish Stout which was very good but took forever to pour. Next up was

2) The Essex Street Ale house - Don't bother, the reviews on beer advocate must be from some other place. Lastly,

3) Spitzers Corner - This place has the Gator written all over it. Very good bar, looks like some serious pub grub where patrons can sit down at long tables. I had a Victory Golden Monkey which was a very tasty belgian inspired ale. I don't believe I have bought a six pack of that yet but I think I will remedy that shortly.

Also stopped at the Whole Foods Market on the way home and picked up a very special beer which will be part of a pictorial beer review for the Superbowl. Also went to Mountainview today and picked up one of those Chimay gift sets so now I have a proper Trappist glass to use. The idea is to get myself into oblivion before halftime so I miss the Boss. Bruce might be the only guy to have inspired more man-crushes than Barry O!