Saturday, January 10, 2009

Weekend Beer Review (Kind of)

As i am recently commuting to the NYC for work I figured I would explore some places recommended by the Gotham Imbiber. That I did and some thoughts are coming up next, but then I fell across this:

1) Brooklyn Black Op's - Hopefully this is in celebration of the return of "24" but I stumbled into this at Super Discount Wine & Spirits. This is like drinking beer & Scotch in the same drink. Very potent. The label says it is limited to 1,000 cases and Jason (the owner of SDW&S) indicated that he was only allocated a six pack.

I did hit a couple of bars on the way back to GCT. First up was the Tribeca Tavern where I had a Troegs Mad Elf Ale. Right next door was Another Room. Another Room was kind of a goth beer bar. Good selection and I had a Young's Chocolate Stout on tap which was a typical flavorless British offering. Finally I made it to the Peculier Pub. I had a delicious Delirium Tremens on tap. I need to go back to this place to sit there and drink properly.


mc said...

"...sit there and drink properly."

I hear that!!!

You either understand or you don't on that count!

Adam said...

I understand, all too well.

Dwight said...

Now that you're commuting to the Big Apple, I recommend that you check out to help you find great beer and beer bars and beer events. Cheers.

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