Saturday, January 24, 2009

Friday Pub Crawl

Went and visited some interesting establishments in the East Village on Friday, Obamania was on display in the bluest of blue states, but why let that ruin good beer. Stopped off at the Whole Foods Market on E. Houston between Bowery & Chrystie to visit their beer room. I picked a couple of things up that I will be reviewing and I will start off with a Goose Island Bourbon County Stout (13% ABV). Very heavy (obviously). Very good. Probably shouldn't have chugged it.

1) d.b.a First Ave between 2nd & 3rd
I resisted the temptation of having an Obamagang on tap! That said I had an Imperial pint of Sixpoint Brownstone (Cask) which was very good, from there I went to.......

2) Jimmy's No. 43! on East 7th..didn't really appreciate where I was at the time, but more on that later. Had another Sixpoint offering, Bengali Tiger IPA (7.5% ABV). Very good, going to have to do a bit more homework on Sixpoint. Obviously I liked the name of the joint!

3) Upstairs from Jimmy's was Standings Bar. this was a great place as it was a sports bar with great beer. Had an Elysian Immortal IPA and went to....

4) Burp Castle right next door. A Belgian Specialty bar, You would need a truck to get Adam out of there. Had a Kasteel Tripel which was great.

and as I hit all these places from the south and walked west I saw McSorley's. All the places I was in were nominally populated. McSorley's was packed. People get a grip there is better beer then tourist traps!


Adam said...

I must say that I'm a bit envious of your recent travels.It's been quite some time since I was last at D.B.A. (with Gator).
BTW, the state is pretty Red up here.Goes to show how disproportionately the population is dispersed in a state of this size.

googler said...