Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Holiday Beer Review!

I am packed with a bunch of beers, so here goes to bridge Christmas to New Years. My liver may fall out.

1) Unibroue - Don De Dieu - 9% ABV A lot of citrus flavor here. This would be a great summer beer with a hefty kick.

2) Fort Collins Brewery - Chocolate Stout only about 5% ABV. Where's the alcohol!

3) Now a trip to Belgium - Westmalle Tripel 9.5% ABV - This is very good and way too smooth. This has a pear taste to it ..... not sure if that is what I am supposed to taste, but it is following up with Westmalle Dubbel was surprised that this was darker, wasn't sure if that was to be the case. The Dubbel is maltier than the Tripel 7.0 abv. I like the contrast in styles it was good to have them back to back.

4) Eel River Brewing Company - Ravens Eye Imperial Stout - Certified Organic - Who cares at 9.5% abv. Seriously though, a very espresso like flavor. Very good.

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Adam said...

The Westmalle Tripel is probably my favorite of, and perhaps the best example of the style.As a rule, the Dubbels will always be darker and maltier than the Tripels, which will genneally have a higher abv.