Saturday, September 6, 2008

Weekend Beer Review

Figured that weekend activities would be particularly grounded by this tropical storm. It hasn't started raining yet but I took a trip to Ancona's and bought a variety to sample.

1) Jubelfestbier - Brewed by Mahrs-Brau, Bramberg, Germany. A nice Octoberfest type beer but I think I found a better one.

2) Lost Sailor IPA - Berkshire Brewing Company I really enjoy IPA's and this is a good one. Unfiltered and very tasty. Unfortunately this is from Massachusetts.

3) Coney Island Sword Swallower - Steel Hop Lager. Ok so this is brewed in Saratoga by the Shmaltz Brewing Company. Still very good & Hoppy. Let me also plug the website Coney Island USA.

4) Brooklyn Brewery - Oktoberfest...I like this better than the one from Duetchland noted above!

5) Stone Coast Brewing Co - 420 IPA...Not sure if the 420 reefers to this but another very good IPA. Could it be, more alcohol, better beer?

6) Hardcore IPA - A decent import from BrewDog (Scotland). Scotland may be the only country I care to see in this world!

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Adam said...

1.) have not yet trid. 2.) Massholes have made some good brews,esp those from Rapscallion. 3.) sounds like a transvetite hooker from a Lou Reed song. 4.)hard to go wrong with these folks. 5.) yes it does. 6.) would love to try both the beer and the trip to the land of Scots