Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The articles below

are more important than any lipstick comment:

Change you can believe in.

The Surge.

Maybe a little intelligent adult debate is in order.

This will certainly play well. Hat tip Drudge & Vodkapundit.


Adam said...

Maybe this is a stretch, so bare with me, but I think this little "lipstick" slip will be used by the leftist media much the same way as Slick Willy's indiscretion with Monica.Sure their boy messed up, he shouldn't have made that comment, but now they can fan the flames from this stray spark into a distraction from the real issues and how evil this jerk is.It's all smoke and mirrors.Once the fire begins to burn out of control, they can then turn and blame anything negative that may come as a backlash from the right."Their dear Obamessiah is being persecuted!"Just as with the Clinton circus surrounding that "Oral Office" incident, the focus will be redirected to something that may be seen as bad by the public--but not nearly as bad as what will remain in the shadows. Just a thought.Maybe I shouldn't have an opinion on such things, I've never run a campaign.

Ida said...

If you put lipstick on a pig, does it still have a uterus?, or does that CHANGE? I HOPE "The One" can clarify this 4 me.