Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Why not early beer review!

1) Sebago Brewing - Elegans Saison - Single Batch series 6.1% - Different take on the style. Brewed with something called pineapple sage (???wtf). A reviewer on BA felt that this would be better released for the summer...I agree.

2) Dogfish Head - Tweason'ale - 6.0% - A gluten free beer! Fairly tasty almost kind of a wine cooler. Nice hint of strawberries and honey. Another summer beer.

3) Cantillon Kriek 100% Lambic - Pours a nice pink cranberry color, head quickly dissipates. Smell is cherries and some sour yeast. Got some serious action going on in the taste...cheeries and the tartness abounds. The mouthfeel is highly carbonated and a total pucker fest. Great beer

4) Saranac - Chocoalte Orange - Robust Porter -9.0% Good beer just don't get the orange taste. Chocolate is there though!

5) Peak Organic - Oak Aged Mocha - 8.4% - Pretty decent beer get the coffee a bit of chocolate and some vanilla from the oak. At 6.99 a bomber, not bad at all!

6)Sam Adams - Longshot 5 Crown Imperial Stout - 8.9% - This 6 pack represents 3 winners of a homebrew contest. This is a pretty decent stout a little hop forward, mix in a bit of chocolate and cofee. Damn fine effort by a home brewer!

7) Sam Adams - Longshot - A Dark Night in Munich 5.9% - A nice Dunkel Lager. Well done again!

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