Thursday, April 26, 2012

Weekend Beer Review!

Will start off with a big one this fine Thursday.... 1) - Kuhnhenn - Braggot - Winter Solstice - 16% - pours a nice amber brown....boy is this sweet! That is a big beer! 2) Widmer Brothers - Raspberry Russian Imperial Stout '12 - 9.3% - Get the coffee and some mild tartness that I guess is the raspberries. They recommend aging this but I am not sure what that would do to the mild fruit flavor. Recommendation...drink fresh! 3) Relic Brewing - Prologue - 5.4% - Freaking tasty beer - Really get the Rye Flavor. I think I got the last bottle at the Brewery and it won't be around till neaxt year. This is so good! 4) Relic Brewing - Fortnight 7.0% - American IPA - A bit maltier than I would care for but well done none the less~! 5) St Arnold - Endeavor - DIPA - Great beer! Done!

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