Friday, April 6, 2012

Weekend Beer Review!

1) Same Adams - Longshot Atlt Bier Best of the bunch!

2) Captain Lawrence - Barrel Select Black Ale - 10% Wild Style for sure! The sourness is not overwhelming I like this. Easily obtainable at the brewery.

3) Brasserie De La Sene - 5.2% - Belgian Pale Ale - Collaboration with Allagash. Kind of bitterly hoppy (may be too much so). Pretty tasty though.

4) Cisco Brewers - Island Reserve - Saison Farm House Ale - Man is this nicely tart. Really get the brett taste as well as the oak it was aged in.

5) Voisin - Brasserie des Geants - Saison - 5% - A little malty for the style. Not that good

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