Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Starting Early Beer Review!

Have a brewery trip planned for the weekend so I figure away we go!

1) Uinta - Dubhe Imperial Black IPA - 9.2% - Gotta like the Oxymoronic look and taste. It looks like a stout and tastes like an IPA. What seals this is the sweet maltiness. Great beer!

2) Element Brewing - A new Brewer to CT from the Peoples Republic of Mass!
Dark Element American Balck Ale - 8.0% - This is pretty fantastic the sweetness of the malts is really balanced by the hop bitterness. I get some mild chocolate and coffee with the resinous hops. Would wonder what this would be like is the hops were featured more.

3) Harpoon Black IPA Was lucky enough to get this before it went on the shelves, thanks Dan!

Poured into a brandy snifter.

The appearance is a nice opaque black, the nose is a dominant pine and the taste follows up on that with some slight cocoa and coffe. Very easy drinking!

4) Widmer Bros - Rotator IPA (O'Ryely) - 6.4% - Freshness date 10.5.11 - My fault I did not know that they were doing this in different recipes. This is still a solid beer. Would have liked to have had fresh!

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