Sunday, January 15, 2012

Peoples Republic of Mass Trip!

1) Boulevard Brewing - Bourbon Barrel Quad - 11.5% Had been looking for this one for a bit and finally found it this weekend. Bottle number 4375 poured into a Boulevard Tulip Glass. Nice Amber color frothy head. The smell brings this beer down. It is a bit medicinal for me. The taste is better than the nose, the cherries abound with a bit of vanilla. The bourbon does really finish this off. I can see the high marks for this. Wish it was a bit less hot!

2) Barrington Brewery - Yule Fuel - 11.0% - Kind of a fruit cake barleywine...Alchohol is very well hidden!

3) Barrington Brewery - IPA - Mild IPA

4) Element Brewing - Red Giant - 8.0% - Nice...they are not going for the Nugget Nectar audience as this is a bit malty. Glad to have tried!

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