Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Might as well continue...and make it a weekend!

The post previously was supposed to be Mass related only....however going to make this a muddled mess!

1) The Bruery - Saison Rue - 8.5% - Brewed with Rye and Brett - Light yellow colour, frothy head. Champagned yeast and funk about. Just a little over carbonated for my tastes, but certainly well done.

2) Bells - Porter - 5.6% - Nice easy drinking beer. A little smoke and a little creamy. I like it....may do another porter.

Snow today on Saturday....what to do, what to do!

3)Barrington Brewery - Pale Ale - From last weeks haul. This is tasty and for $3.25 a bomber a great value.

4)Barrington Brewery - Black Bear Stout - This is actually very good. One of the better stouts I have had.

5) North Coast Brewing - 11.5% Poured into a brandy snifter. Nice black body, creamy black head minimal lacing. Smell) Bourbon and chocolate dominate. Taste) Chocolate, coffee hint of oak with a nice bourbon finish. This is sweet but not overly so which can be an issue with the style.
Very tasty offering. I think I may get another bottle for the cellar.

6) Magic Hat - Demo - My first Magic Hat review - Interesting! 6.0% Black IPA - Pretty nice, sweet and light hops!

7) Barrington Brewery - Brown Ale - Not bad get a hint of maple sugar here.

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