Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Countdown to SuperBowl Beer Review!

Right to it...go Big Blue!

1) Magic Hat - Howl - 4.6% - Thought I had reviewed this...I guess not - Pretty nice winter offering. Too bad not available year round.

2) Full Pint Brewing Co - Festivus - 6% - Brown Ale - Spices are Cinnamon and Vanilla and there are all sorts of other stats on the label. The Seinfeld gang should drink this.

3) Odell Brewing - Cutthroat Porter - 5.0% - Pleasant porter. According to the bottle, not quite a stout yet not a lightweight....the Mitt Romney of beers!

4) BFM Brasserie Des Franches-Montagnes - Spike and Jeromes Cuvee Delirante - Collaboration with Terrapin...supposed to be a barleywine....very good flemish red!

5) Flying Dog - Kujo Imperial Coffee Stout - 8.90% - Leave it to Flying Dog to make a Starbucks Imperial Stout!

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