Friday, December 30, 2011

Pre New Years Eve Beer Review!...and New Years as well!

Sick as a dog today....wanted to head to DeCicco's (Brewster) for a release...the Jonas Broncks beer co was there along with a new brewery called Spider Bite. They were pouring a 10.2% RIS called Boris the Spider....hopefully I can get there tomorrow.

1) Saranac - White IPA - Pretty Tasty Beer 6.0%...this is very fresh....nice citrus hops paired with some Belgian yeast. Well done!

2) Sebago - Slick Nick - 6.2% - American Strong Ale - tasty beer - Caramel and Vanilla balance is a mild spiciness. 6.2% is sneaky!

3) Brasserie Cantillon - Rose de Gambrinus - 5.0% Ahh my first Cantillon.....very tasty, tart with new real malts or hops just raspberry goodness!....need to get into these Lambics a bit more!

4) Widmer Bros - BrrrBon - 9.2% - A bourbon barrel version of their Winter Warmer....hints of oak and vanilla, exceedingly close to a barleywine!

5) Ommegang - Seduction - Belgian Dark Ale flavored with Cheeries and Chocolate...Ice Cream Sundae!

6) Dogfish Head - Ta henket - 4.5% - American Wheat Ale - Brewed with some sort of egyptian fruit. I think it is kind of tasty. Should have been released in the summer!

7) Full Pint Brewing - TRI IPA - 9.0% - Murky orange and even murkier hop profile. Can't really tell how fresh this is. Always nice though to have tried something from a new brewery (for me)

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