Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Week Beer Review!

So I am going to start off with a Hannukah beer!

1) Schmaltz - Genesis Ale - ok...drop off noted and extended!

Wow have to leave the one above for posterity!

2) New England Brewing - Fancy Pants - Flanders Oud Bruin - 6.0% (50th review from Beer Advocate) Like everyone else picked this up at the brewery over the last week....did sneak in a couple of samples though along the way! Poured into a brandy snifter. Appearance) Light amber, a swirl gives no lacing at all. Taste) Nice acidity, 2 years in a cabernet barrel will do that I guess...cheeries abound with a bit of sweetly sour! Overall) Really enjoyed other bottle will not last long...

3) Troegs - Scratch Beer 52 2011 T2 Ale - 6.9% Jesus sounds like this was concocted at area 51 or whatever it is called. Actually it is just Troegs trying out their new brewing facility. As I will always do my part for beer science I am partaking. Tasty Amber beer...the real test is to whether they can handle Nugget Nectar in the new facility!

4) Shipyard - Applehead - 4.5% and American Pale Ale flavored with Apple and Cinnamon...leave this to Jolly Rancher!

5) Harpoon - Vermont Spruce Tip - 7.0% A herbed beer ---I'll take them at their word that there is spruce in this. This is very tasty and an excellent value!

6) Shmaltz - Messiah Bold - Brown Ale - Not a big brown ale fan but not bad.

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