Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekend Beer Review!

Wow, I'm late this weekend. Yankee game yesterday...too hot Friday.

1) Sierra Nevada - Ovila Saison - 7% - Nice american take on the style. A bit too light though, bring on the phenolics. I think they are doing a Trippel next.

2) Park & Bellheimer AG - Valentins Weibier - 5.3% - Hefeweizen - Tasty but a bit light. Time to pull out the heavy hitters!

3) Flossmoor Station - Collaborative Evil - 10% - Belgian Ale brewed with spices. You have to like a beer that's label is a Skeleton holding a chalice. The skeleton has horns coming out of his head and a pentagram on his forehead. Oh yeah the beer is good too.

3) Flossmoor Station - Brewers Whim IPA - I was cursing the wax on the cap. Almost cut my finger off but when I checked the listings on BA The wax coverings meant different styles of IPA. Nice...cheating my way to 900 (beer is good as well). Gold Wax = Pretty Big IPA.

4) Flossmoor Station - Dark Green Wax - IPA for Change - How's that Hopey Changey stuff working for ya! Good beer though!

5) Flossmoor Station - Gray Wax - Diesel Rellik - Nice way to finish the weekend!

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