Thursday, July 14, 2011

Weekend Beer Review!

F**k your peas Mr. President, I'm drinking beer!

1) 3 Floyds - Rabbid Rabbit - 9.0% - One of the better Saisons I've had. A little muted to the taste, but still fulfills!

2) Jonas Broncks Beer Co - Woodlawn Weiss - About 5% or so. Named after the most northern part of the Bronx. This is a nice very drinkable Weiss which I think is contract brewed in Connecticut. Company does have a great logo....looking forward to more!

3) New England Brewing - Alpha Weizen - This may be a Weiss dominated beer review! Pours a nice cloudy yellow with a very puffy head, nice lacing. Smell - A bit lemony, certainly not very strong. Taste- You can get a bit of the cloves, but this beer is very nicely slightly hoppy. Wasn't expecting that but the brewer said they were going for something different. It is different and that is a good thing! Glad I had a chance to try this. Very nice summer brew.

4)Two Brothers - Askew - 6.5% as sour as the come. This easily compares with the Russian river sours. I like!

5) Weyerbacher 16 - Braggot - 10.5% - Interesting spicey flavor. Certainly get the honey no hops to speak of. More of a winter beer!

6) De Struise - Outblack - 10% - Weird beer, chocolate and spearmint? Not sure what they are going to. Still might buy again and put a bottle away.

7) Berkshire Brewing Co. Saint of Circumstance IPA - 5.7% Very tasty English IPA. These guys really should put some freshness dates on their bottles (not that this isn't fresH

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