Saturday, July 9, 2011

Weekend Beer Review!

1) Brooklyn Brewey, Concoction - 7.0% Obtained via growler, poured into a pint glass.
This is a weird beer, gotta love it though. Nice amber with a medium head, get a lot of ginger lemon and smokiness, did I come up with a new recipe for barbecue sauce?
This is Garret's White Album. Please do this again.

2) Founders - Blushing Monk - 9.2% - Belgian Style ale brewed with raspberries. Tasty and interesting. Alcohol is very well hidden. This could be habit forming!

3) Wandering Star - Mild at Heart - 4.3% - English Dark Mild ale. Nice beer very easily drinkable. Nice roasted maltiness. This is a brewery founded by Alex Hall of Gotham Imbiber fame!

4) Three Floyds - Behemoth - 10.5% - A lot of caramel also get the hops a beast!

5) Rogue - 75th Anniversary Ale - XX - 7.6% - American Strong Ale - A little light on the palate. Alcohol does kick in at the end! Well done.

6) Lagunitas - Lucky 13.alt - So apparently they released a secon anniversary of their thirteenth anniversary ale. Last year it was a red (red haired model) this year a blonde. Tasty german old beer. I have been lacking on Lagunitas reviews and need to catch up!

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