Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What the hell, rest of the week beer review!

1) 21'st Ammendment Bitter American - 4.4% - Says this is an American IPA, not sure about that but it is tasty and they should be commended for this taste given the ABV (or lack there of)

Got through the Tiger Vermont excursion reltively unscathed....Had Heady Topper & Abner....So now going with a malt bomb!

2) Port Brewing - Santa's Little Helper - Russian Imperial Stout - 10.0% - Seems like there is a little bourbon here without anything on the label. Got the chocolate and vanilla as well. This is beer 650!

3) The Bruery - Mischief - 8.5% - Hoppy Belgian Ale - There has to be Champagne Yeast here. Got to like the hoppy with a bit of pepper end!

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