Saturday, February 12, 2011

Big Weekend Beer Review

Man my reviews have been lacking. Going to try to make up I have some pretty big one's lined up for the weekend. I have beers slated for 697-700 in house as well. I have oudone myself with this grouping. It is outrageous!

1) Sam Adams - Revolutionary Rye - 5.5% - Gonna start out small though. Nice little thirst quencher but this is going to have to get out of the way of the big boys coming up. Stay tuned!

2) Cigar City - Improvasacion - 9% - Kind of a weird beer a little bit of a muddled mess. Oh well.

3) Koningshoeven - La Trappe - Oak Aged Trappist Ale (Quad) - 10% - Delicious way to start off the day. Nice amber color, medium carbonation. Get a little of the oak taste as well. Definitely going to by another bottle or two and let them sit for a while.

4) Great Divide - Espresso Oak Aged Yeti - 9.5% - Ahh stout - A little bitter given the espresso, maybe a hint of licorice. This would be great with those alcoholic whipped creams I see around.

5) Great Divide - Grand Cru 11% - Pretty succesful beer weeknd sunk!

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mc said...

Jimmy, love the reviews and I keep telling everybody to check you out.

Times are tough, however. Is there a tactful way of conveying a beer price range. I would personally find that helpful and I fully support and offer any help or assistance in any way to the wonderous Jimmy Blog!!
As you know my most helpful asset would be photos but you have that covered damned well to a science now, so...well anything you need, just holler!!