Monday, February 21, 2011

President's Day Beer Review!

Just finished two tax returns, shovelled the snow at my mothers and now it is time to relax for a bit.

1) Sam Adams - Stony Brook Red - 9.0% - Part of their Barrel Room collection. American wild ale. Great tart fruit flavor. I think this may have aged a while which basically tones down the expected funk! Picked up this in Boston as it is only a Mass release!

2) Erie Brewing Company - Misery Bay IPA - 6.5% - always like adding a new brewery. Completely bitter IPA, would love to know the IBU's here.

3) Shipyard Brewing - Double Old Thumper - 11.2% - I've had the original and this is huge. Have to really sip this one as there is no attempt to hide this alcohol!

4) Guinness - Foreign Export Stout - Yuck!

5) Port Brewing - High Tide - Fresh Hop 6.5% Nice get the lawnmower going!

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