Saturday, February 19, 2011

On Wisconsin Beer Review

All drinking today is in support of Governor Walker. Kind of weird that I will be starting off with some beers from the Peoples Republic of Vermont though!

1) Otter Creek Alpine Black IPA - 6% - Jet black and such a nice mixture of malts and hops. The hops really do belie the color. I really can get in to this style.

Beer Alert!!!! Wish I had one of those red sirens that Drudge has anyway, picked up a 2007 Bigfoot at Bierkraft yesterday. Also picked up a couple six's of the 2011 offering. Going to have a nice vertical coming up. Also just got the e-mail from the Tiger. The Alchemist is bringing its acclaimed IPA Heady Topper to the Vermont Beer & Cheese festival on Wednesday. Nice!

Here is a nifty little site. I need to buy a stainless steel growler.

2) Otter Creek - Copper Ale - 5.4% These session ales are a great way to start off the day. Light clear and refers hing!

3)Otter Creek - Stove Pipe Porter - 4.4% - Jet black, nice roasted malts, coffee and espresso tones. Still there is a little hint of hops which makes for a nice balance.

4) Port Brewing - Panzer - Imperial Pilsner - 9.5% - Alright time to move to the major leagues. Sweet & Hot! 'Nuf said!

5) Dogfish - Pangea - Nice belgian lite ale. I think I'm done!

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