Saturday, January 29, 2011

Weekend Beer Review!

Today was a good day, hit a couple of Breweries, Captain Lawrence for a taste of this years's Nor'Easter and Southport Brewing Company here I (surprisingly) had a nice tasty offering called Connecticut Pale Ale. Off to the races!

1) Sam Adams - Latitude 48 IPA -6.0% - Gonna Stick with the Boston kick for a bit (but I do have some serious heavy hitters to sprinkle in. I had never heard of this but saw it at my stop and shop. Nice lite IPA, pleasant flavor again and I have said this before the type of beer to initiate someone into the craft scene.

2) Sam Adams - Scotch Ale - Not a fan of the style but this is very good. You really get the smokiness and it is not that much of a malt bomb that you can't drink it. Well done!

3) Firestone Walker - Double Jack - 9.5% - As someone who has had Pliny the Elder for breakfast.....this is as close as you are going to get. Absolute Citrus Hop Bomb! Except for a few, all DIPA's pale.

4) Mendocino Brewing - White Hawk - American IPA - 7.0% Kind of malty to me. Not sure what they are doing with this

5) North Coast - Old Stock Ale 2009 - Bourbon Barrel Aged - 13.0% - Not sure why I save these for Sunday evening. Should make the train ride into NYC pretty easy tomorrow. Obviously a sipper, really get the bourbon. This one will take a while!

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