Saturday, January 15, 2011

Weekend Beer Review!

Picked up some interesting beers today, so right to it.

1) Stillwater Artisinal - A Saison Darkly - 8% - Dark Saison funky as expected but the mixture of the malts and chocolate taste really makes this interesting to drink. Apparently this guy goes to different breweries to brew his beers. This was brewed in Belgium. You can get this in CT and I would advise checking it out.

2) Ithaca Brewing - 13 - 9.0% ABV - Wheatwine(?) - If the brewer says it's a wheat wine who am I to argue. IMHO I think it is one of the better American IPA's that I have had. Then again making ice can be a chore for me! Very good!

3) Greenport Harbor - Triton - Barleywine - 9.0% - nice with the malt and hops. I think this will send me to Sunday!

And continuing on Sunday!

4) Sierra Nevada Hoptimum - 10.4% - Not sure what the hell whole cone hops means but if you like hops this is the beer for you. I like hops!

5) Pretty Things - Our finest Regards - 13.5% Barleywine - Ouch 2 bottles bought. One in the cellar to calm down for a year or so!

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