Saturday, January 22, 2011

Back from Boston Beer review!

Had a nice time in Boston over the last couple of days. Boston would be great if you could exclude the Red Sox, Red Sox fans and general Mass-holes of all persuasion! That said...

1)Wachusett - Milk Stout - 5.8% - This soooo sweet and tasty. Table and Vine needs to be in a regular rotation!

2) Trappistes - Rochefort 6 - 7.5% Belgian Dark Ale - Certainly not as rich as it's older cousins but still great none the less. Kind of a session beer almost.

1 comment:

mc said...

Very glad things went well, with no tactical errors.

I love Fenway and Boston, though I have heard tale of a less than gracious fan base regarding their treatment of outsiders.

Pics Jimmy!!

I wanna see some photoblogging!