Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Latest Storm Of the century Beer review!

Here's to shovelling global warming off my car tomorrow!

1) Magic Hat - Howl - Not a huge fan of the hat but really like this. One of the types of beers that you would introduce non craft friends to. Well done.

2) Roscoe's Hop House - 5.3% Pale Ale - Wow only at Whole Foods in NYC. Have to bring back copius six packs of this stuff. Great session beer!

3) Two Brothers - Bare Tree 2010 - 11.3% - Barley Wine Style Weiss Beer - Interesting really have the Weiss taste. Great amber color, a little alcoholic bitterness and some banana yeast. This is very good.

4) Goose Island - Lolita - 7.0% American Wild Ale - Tart rasberry taste. More like a wine. Says on the bottle it will develop over 5 years. The bottling date on my Bottle said it was bottled on 12/4/10. Mine developed for about 5 weeks!

5) Long Trail Centennial Red - 7.9% - Wow this is interesting, part barleywine, part DIPA. This could be a habit!

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