Saturday, June 5, 2010

Weekend Beer Review!

So Paul McCartney goes to the White House and basically serves up a gratuitous slam on George W. Perhaps Sir Paul can elaborate why things are so much better with the Once in the White House? Could it be the record breaking debt? Could it be no improvement in unemployment? Could it be the way the Christmas Day attempted bombing and Time Square attempted bombing were handled? Or could it be the Once's golf game? That said....

1) Captain Lawrence - Captains Kolsch - 5.5% - Poured from a Captain Lawrence Growler into a Captain Lawrence Pint Glass! It's about 90 and humid today and I think I found the perfect beer for the weather. Pour a nice medium golden color, not much in the way of a head. The beer is nicely sweet with basically no notable hops present. Very easy to drink.

I actually bought a growler koozie from them....betcha Adam doesn't have one of those! Who'd have thought I'd be making beer geek challenges to Adam?

2) Weihenstephaner - Hefe Weissbier - 5.4% ABV - You gotta like purity laws, right Helen Thomas! Anyway don't want to ruin a great beer when dealing with Trolls. This taste is unique to me. I'm guessing it is the yeast and when I read the reviews on BA the description is it tastes of cloves. Never tasted a clove before but this is very good!

3) Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfast 7.5 %
Pours with a nice foamy head very black.Love the balance between the coffe and chocolate. I guess this really must be for breakfast!
The hint of the hops at the end really completes this.

I am more of an American Craft guy but this was/is a very enjoyable import. Will buy again!

4) Brooklyn Brewery - Buzz Bomb - 8.0 % - Pours a nice light golden color, a lot of carbonation action which is nice as this growler was kept overnight. Definitely banana yeast is this a Belgian Pale Ale? Get that banana yeast taste, honey then kicks and and it finishes up with some spiciness. Mouthfeel is sharp & crisp, really jumps at you. Can't believe that this is 8.0%. Very easy growler to drink. Thanks to Brooklyn Brewery (and DeCicco's for a nice treat). This was a style (Braggot) that I was not familiar with and I will be sure to search out other offerings in this style.

5) Wachusett - California IPA - Oh no Good beer and all but nothing near a California IPA. Too malty.

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