Saturday, June 12, 2010

Continuing on with the beer

2) The Lost Abbey - Carnevale Ale - 6.5% - Another Saison! This wasn't planned. Now I really know I need to rethink this style. This is very good. I really like the tartness here! Thanks to Table & Vine for this.

3) Mikkeller Big Worst 17.6% Wow where to begin. At least after this I won't have to watch anymore annoying soccer!Poured this into a brandy snifter (where it belongs)!Pours a nice murky amber very little head.S- Boy the malts and molasses really come through. This smells so sweet. Malts and more malt, got molasses, honey, some cinnamon I think. Hugely hot. You can only have one of these in a week. The alcohol presence is huge. I thought my cellaring project was going to be pretty simple a couple of Bigfoots a year and I would be good. Going to get a couple of bottles of this and let them sit for a while.

4) Southern Tier - 2XIPA - 8.2% - Very good DIPA. Nice orangey color citrus and piney (hey them again) noted with a very nice malt backbone. Well done.

5) Pike Brewing - Monk's Uncle - 9.0% - Their version of of a tripel. I had this at the brewery when I was in Seattle last year and loved it. This was weak. I've now had a couple of weak Pike beers being sent back East. Maybe there is something to it.

6) Left Coast Brewing - Asylum - 11.0% - A bit better than the offering above. I do not knoww where the alocohol is. See you next week.

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