Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekend Beer Review

Started late this weekend but here goes:

1) Delirium Tremens - Huyghe Brewers 8.5% ABV. Very good, lighter than others that I have had but a lot more crisper as well. Not sure where Gator found this but it is very good. Thank you. By the way, delirium is probably where I am headed next week if I head here.

2) Nostradamus Belgian Brown Ale - Br. Caracole - 9.5% ABV - My first indication was yuck but as I continued this grew on me fast. Caramel taste, a bit smokey. I like it. I've noticed some distinctive differences in Belgians in the lighter and darker styles. Perhaps Adam can opine on the differences.

3) Back Burner Barley Wine Style Ale - Southern Tier Brewing 10% ABV. Very potent, vey good and more important, very tasty.

4)IPA - Southern Tier Brewing. Very good IPA to compliment the above!


Adam said...

I'll comment by the #'s, 1.)Gotta love it! a most excellent brew, widely available(relatively).Love the white bottle, and who can't love something named after the d.t.'s with pink elephants as a logo.Seek out their Delirium Nocturnum, & Noel as well.2.)I recall trying this but the name was more memorable than the beer.I say this not to belie this ale, but because I honestly can't remember my impression/reaction to the tasting.--as for,darker/lighter styles, it's due to the type of malt (grains) used.With Belgian Ales, the darker styles are usually Dubbels, and the Tripels are most times lighter in color with a drier taste(and generally higher abv).There are of course exceptions.In the U.S., beer color is measured inSRM(EBC in Europe). 3.)I love a good barley wine, and look forward to trying this.4.)This I have had and enjoyed.You mention how well it compliments the former.A nice crisp IPA is a good palette cleanser.With an IPA, the more bitter the better!Incidentally, that bitter taste is measured in IBU.Please forgive me for allowing this comment to drift off into a long-winded tutorial.I got carried away....but you did ask me to opine.=D

alfred said...

Too much information, Adam! Anyway, I don't know how you guys can drink that shit (I prefer an ice cold Milwalkee's Beast!), but this blog may interest you gents: She seems pretty knowledgeable about beer.....for a chick.