Friday, October 3, 2008

Weekend Beer Review

This could be a scary weekend as I picked up a bunch of (I think) new for me at Amity Wine and Spirits. I will be in the city tomorrow and plan on going to the Gingerman. I blame it on the Yankees who by not making the playoffs have left me unsupervised. I figure when Dear Leader takes office that is the type of excuse that will fly.

That said:

1) Coney Island Lager Freaktoberfest - Anyone who knows me knows I love Coney Island. This is very good. I have enjoyed the various October varieties and this in one of the best! It must be that good NYC water.

2) Big Ale IPA - Ballast Point Brewing. This place is in San Diego. How did I miss it. This is a nice light IPA, 6.0 abv. Very enjoyable.

3) Southampton Biere De Garde - French Farmhouse Style Ale - Not sure of the ABV. This is more of a light IPA to me. I like it!

4) Ale to the Chief - Avery Brewing - silly sentiment on the label (e.g., free us from foreign entaglements, what President has brought the troops home from Korea in the last half century?). Very Good & Strong (8.75 ABV), what you would expect from Avery!

5) Oak Aged Yeti Imperial Stout - Great Divide Brewing Co 9.5% ABV - This way too sweet for my tastes. I think I have another Great Divide in the fridge so we will see how that works.

6) Rogue Imperial Stout 2008 11% ABV ....Very good, didn't have that overall sweet taste that some of these craft brews have. Very enjoyable!


Adam said...

The Rougue is a great example of an Imperial Stout, if you like that I would suggest Victory's Storm King.It's a personal favorite.Once just a seasonal offering, this fine brew is now available year-round.Also do you know about the Southampton/Pabst connection?

Jimmy said...

Will try the Storm King, what of the Southampton Pabst Connection

Adam said...

Here are the details.Also they(Southampton) do some of their brewing up here.